Our visionary, Doris Chism’s investment of time, talent and effort has made Pathways LLC a first-class facility. The beautiful décor features solid wood furniture, plenty of spacious closets, even radios for the residents. A fax, computer and copier are available to residents for educational pursuits to their fullest potential. Pathways LLC has some of the finest furnishings in the group home industry, thus setting a new standard in quality living.

Pathways LLC establishes a clear line of communication of responsibilities with each resident. They are assigned chores and have a full understanding that keeping a home tidy is a group effort. Pathways LLC teaches values and moral standards by order. When the children get out of bed in the morning, it is their job to clean. There is no TV, computer, or phone time until their room is cleaned and inspected by a counselor. The children live in a first-class home, with a dish washer, in-house washing machine, a bathroom with a sunken tub, shower, and double sink. We assign chores and we make the children stick to them. There are penalties if chores are not done. Loss of privileges or loss of visitations normally gets the residents going… no one wants to sit home on the weekends.

Transportation is important in a rural community. Pathways LLC has two 15-passenger vans to accommodate our residents’ transportation needs.

At Pathways LLC we believe that simply taking away privileges does not correct the problem or change the behavior. This is where our counselors excel. One-on-one or group counseling sessions are where we reinforce the standards of living for each and every resident to change behaviors. Our rooms feature plenty of seating for counselors, residents and visitors. Our residents take pride in their living environment and are proud to have family and friends over for a visit. Pathways LLC chose to provide more space per resident than the average service provider in the industry. We believe the more space per person, the more the resident feels free from peer pressure; feels less crowded by other residents and less affected by the changes in mood or behavior of his peers. Pathways LLC strives to raise the bar in providing a first class living environment for its residents.
These children have an opportunity to become great citizens and to become responsible and to excel in all avenues in life - from home living to their education. We can see that Pathways is setting a new standard of residential care and residential living for the Southern VA area. Proof of our philosophy is a young man who was recently given a car of his own. A car that was purchased by our visionary, Doris Chism; of her own finances. Ms. Chism wanted to express her profound happiness in this young man for his exemplary behavior and his will and drive to succeed.

Pathways is established to provide long-term, post-dispositional residential services to troubled adolescent boys between the ages of 12 and 17. Residents are involved in ongoing individual, group, and family counseling in a structured environment designed to encourage increased responsibility and individual growth.

Pathways will provide full time care, maintenance, protection and guidance to adolescent males. During this time the resident will obtain the necessary tools to survive and become productive members of society which includes: personal, social, ethics, school, self esteem and a structured environment.

The program is aimed at teaching and reinforcing new methods of communication, problem solving, and assuming responsibility for actions. The program emphasizes both individual and group experiences. It is focused on managing stress and learning appropriate ways of resolving difficulties through communication and cooperation rather than avoidance and/or denial.

While in the program residents will attend public schools. This program will be monitored and supportive services will be available to assist residents in succeeding in academic situations.

The overall goal is to work with a juvenile and his family to facilitate growth both as an individual and a family (family involvement only if requested by the legal guardian.) We hope to encourage all family members to assume responsibility for difficulties and to work towards resolving differences. The primary focus will be on the individual resident with the goal of increasing mature and responsible actions through staff, family and peers activities.

Residents will be taught basic independent living skills, which include money management, laundry, proper job interview skills and the importance of getting along with others. Residents will have role models who stress the importance of education, hard work, social growth and personal responsibility. The Pathways Youth Services will help residents prepare for the transition back to their families or into independent living situations.

The Pathways Youth Services enjoys coordination and partnerships with the business and legal sectors of our local and state communities. These relationships provide resources for the residents in after school, summer and permanent employment opportunities. Our career services focus on fostering skills needed for residents to be competitive in the work force. Specifically the Pathways Youth Services provides the following career services.

  • Interview skill development

  • Employment opportunities

  • Career workshops

  • Career guidance

  • Communications skills

  • Research for employment

Our program is designed to ensure that each participant has adequate access to education. It is a personal tragedy when a student spends year after year experiencing defeat and failure in school. A continuous and central factor that attributes to this failure is the way in which students view themselves and their abilities. The Pathways Youth Services educational and computer programs shall focus on educating the total child.

The staff of Pathways Youth Services recognizes that a regular recreational program is important to the physical, intellectual and psychological health of our residents. We desire to have our residents involved in a variety of activities in order to stimulate an interest in positive behavior and motivate them to succeed in areas where previously they may have failed or have not been involved. Regular planned activities for residents at the home and in the community are provided. YMCA facilities are utilized as well.